Budget Wedding Planning

Budget Wedding Planning

You know you can make your wedding planning on a budget. It just takes some creativity and planning. If you’re not sure what you should plan for in your wedding, then the best place to start is to look up some ideas about your own preferences so that you will know what to include in … Read more

Stress-free Wedding Planning

Planning a stress-free wedding

  Planning a stress-free wedding can sometimes be stressful but if you are prepared for the possibility of stress, then it won’t bother you too much. Stress is bound to come when you get married but don’t let it stop you from having a good time. Relax and think about what you really want. Don’t … Read more

Wedding Planner Checklist

  A free wedding plan checklist should always be your first resource when you are ready to begin planning your dream wedding. A wedding planner checklist will show you various tasks that have to be done before the big day, either in a general time frame or by specific category. This will allow you to … Read more

Will Your Wedding Be On a Saturday or a Sunday?

  To make certain that you have crossed off every item from your wedding checklist (from the glass to the caterer), we have created an easy seven-day schedule of wedding checklist. However, before jumping into seven-day schedule of wedding checklist we wanted to address some of the frequently asked questions surrounding the seven-day wedding countdown. … Read more

Wedding Officiant Near Me?

  What should I look for when looking for a wedding Officiant Near Me? The most important thing is to find a person that you feel comfortable with. You need to find someone who has a good heart and who is willing to do what is required of them. They must be able to follow … Read more

Can you get married at the courthouse in Greenville SC?

marriage license greenville sc how to get a marriage license in greenville sc greenville marriage license greenville county marriage license search greenville county marriage license courthouse wedding greenville sc greenville county probate court greenville county probate search greenville probate www greenvillecounty org probate

  Often people ask if they can get married at the courthouse in Greenville SC.  Further, they are surprised to find that they can not. The Marriage office of the Probate in Greenville requires that couples apply together for marriage licenses.  There is a 24 hour wait before they can be issued.  This means that … Read more

How to Find the Right Wedding Officiant

  Unfortunately, couples often think last about hiring a minister to officiate their weddings.  After all, without a minister to officiate the wedding can not occur!  Do not delay in locating a minister.  There are many things which need to be worked out such as scheduling, availability, and pricing. Having the Internet makes it easy … Read more

Planning a Wedding During COVID-19

  Planning a wedding in preparation for a possible outbreak of the coronavirus, also known as the flu pandemic, is difficult. While you certainly shouldn’t completely avoid all non-essential travel during this time, you do have to prioritize your wedding planning so that you can better focus on the most important things such as your … Read more