Why a Friend or Family Member Should Not Officiate Your Wedding

While there are specific situations where it may seem like a good idea, here a a few important reasons why it is not a good idea for a friend or family member to officiate your Christian wedding.   Lack of Experience: Officiating a wedding is a serious task that involves legal and ceremonial responsibilities. Someone who … Read more

Wedding Photographer Services

Planning a stress-free wedding

There are many options available for the couple who wants to make a great photo book of a wedding. Most of these are available in digital form and can be printed out to keep in your home. Some companies offer free online photos and others will give you a discount if you print out more … Read more

Will Your Wedding Be On a Saturday or a Sunday?

  To make certain that you have crossed off every item from your wedding checklist (from the glass to the caterer), we have created an easy seven-day schedule of wedding checklist. However, before jumping into seven-day schedule of wedding checklist we wanted to address some of the frequently asked questions surrounding the seven-day wedding countdown. … Read more

Wedding Officiant Near Me?

  What should I look for when looking for a wedding Officiant Near Me? The most important thing is to find a person that you feel comfortable with. You need to find someone who has a good heart and who is willing to do what is required of them. They must be able to follow … Read more

Can you get married at the courthouse in Greenville SC?

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  Often people ask if they can get married at the courthouse in Greenville, SC.  “In short, the answer is no.”  Per the Marriage License Division of the Greenville County Website: “Marriage ceremonies are not performed in the Probate Court office.”  The Marriage office of the Probate in Greenville requires that couples apply together for … Read more