How to Find the Right Wedding Officiant


Unfortunately, couples often think last about hiring a minister to officiate their weddings.  After all, without a minister to officiate the wedding can not occur!  Do not delay in locating a minister.  There are many things which need to be worked out such as scheduling, availability, and pricing.

Having the Internet makes it easy to find a couple of websites wherein to hire a wedding officiant. However, how would you choose the right wedding officiant?  The truth is, getting married is one of the most important moments in a lifetime.

The most important factors when choosing the right wedding officiant are:

      • Shared Beliefs.  If you want to honor God with your vows, much of the credibility of this rests upon the beliefs and sincerity of the minister.  Make sure that they have a firm foundation of their faith.  No one wants just anyone who is willing to put on a costume of insincerity to bless their marriage.
      • Experience, in other words they must have been doing this for a long time.  The minister should be completely comfortable with acting as the master of ceremony.   A sure sign of inexperience is when a minister must read from a book or outline in order to complete the ceremony.  Doing so makes them uncertain of their words, prone to mistakes, and creates an inability to engage the audience with their message.
      • Consider Google revues as references from people the minister has helped with their weddings.  You need to know what they can do for you and what they will do for your wedding. This will help you to be comfortable with them in their professionalism and comfort.
      • Confirm their ministerial licensing. Make sure that they have a minister’s license, in good standing with their professional association such as the National Association of Christian Ministers.