Pelham Mill Park Free Wedding Venue

Located near the Hwy 14/I-85 interchange near Greenville Spartanburg Airport, Pelham Mill Park is a charming, provincial centerpiece serving as a haven of serenity and tranquility in a quickly growing area of South Carolina.​

This historic site in Greenville has somehow flown under the radar of the majority of locals, even those living and working nearby. However, with its old mill ruins, river shoals and couple of acres of bottomland forest, Pelham Mill Park could be considered one of the more fascinating parks in Greenville County.

Home to the one of the first fabric mills in Greenville County, Pelham Mill Park contains the remnants of arguably the first cotton mill established in Greenville. Evidenced by an intricate ordering of stone and brick foundations settled upon a floodplain, surrounded by wetland, shoals and an overlook the Enoree River waterfalls. ​

The scenic and historic elements of the park include a brick floodgate and overlooking the architectural remains of the old mill below the cascading shoals of the Enoree River. Pelham Mill is recognized by the National Register of Historic Places and Greenville County Historic Preservation Commission as a historic site.​

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