Campbells Covered Bridge

Campbells Covered Bridge

Campbell’s Covered Bridge, a wonderful wedding venue located at the intersection of Cedar and Beaverdam roads.  It is a quaint and lovely bridge with a historic charm that brings to mind the days of our grandparents.

The story goes:

The bridge was built by the Civil War era Campbells family when their neighbor, George Campbells, came out to build the bridge across the creek.

George’s daughter married a local contractor and the couple lived across the creek and had a successful business for many years until George died in 1882.

His wife then moved to a new home further north, leaving the two young children to raise their own family. This is just one story about how this wonderful bridge got its name.

Campbell’s Covered Bridge in Greenville County, South Carolina is a fine example of a traditional bridge designed to accommodate a large group walking over a flowing stream. It has been noted by a number of individuals as a beautiful and unique structure. There is no doubt that it can serve as an excellent place to hold a wedding ceremony.

One option for this would be to have a reception on a set date and to have a wedding party walk down the bridge while exchanging wedding vows. The guests who walk down the bridge are a reflection of the bride and groom and their personalities shine through in the way they walk down the bridge.

A garden wedding is another option for the ceremony, although a beautiful setting can be achieved using a more formal setting as well. During a garden wedding, the guests would walk down the bridge under a canopy over the wedding ceremony. This would give the ceremony a more formal feel and provide an elegant backdrop.

Another popular choice for a garden wedding in Greenville County is to have the wedding ceremony outdoors on a large lawn or green field overlooking the creek that the bridge crosses. This is one option for the couples looking for a more natural setting.

Please Note: Because of travel, there is an additional fee of $49.99 to use this venue.

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