Why a Friend or Family Member Should Not Officiate Your Wedding

While there are specific situations where it may seem like a good idea, here a a few important reasons why it is not a good idea for a friend or family member to officiate your Christian wedding.   Lack of Experience: Officiating a wedding is a serious task that involves legal and ceremonial responsibilities. Someone who … Read more

Tradition of Wedding or Anniversary Gifts by Year of Marriage

Anniversary Year   Gift 1st   Paper 2nd   Cotton 3rd   Leather 4th   Flowers 5th   Wood 6th   Candy 7th   Copper 8th   Bronze 9th   Pottery 10th   Aluminum 11th   Steel 12th   Silk 13th   Lace 14th   Ivory 15th   Crystal 16th   Wax 17th   Furniture 18th   Porcelain 19th   Bronze 20th   China 25th   Silver 30th   Pearl 35th   Coral 40th   Ruby 45th   Sapphire 50th   Gold … Read more

Wedding Photographer Services

Planning a stress-free wedding

There are many options available for the couple who wants to make a great photo book of a wedding. Most of these are available in digital form and can be printed out to keep in your home. Some companies offer free online photos and others will give you a discount if you print out more … Read more