American Wedding Traditions

American Wedding Traditions

American wedding traditions can be quite unique and there are so many ways to incorporate them into your ceremony. Many of the traditions of wedding etiquette are still in use today, they may not be the same as they were 50 years ago, but they are still in effect. Some customs have developed over the years, while others hold strong to this day.

Consider some of these interesting American wedding customs and look at what has changed over the years.  It is fun to consider wedding history and how certain traditions and rituals have evolved over time. It is always interesting to see what the traditions that you grew up with are like today and whether they are the same ones you want to include in your ceremony today.

Tradition of Honor

One of the biggest changes that many American wedding traditions have come along is that of being gracious to each other. This is especially important if you live in an urban environment where everyone else has many opinions about how to conduct your wedding celebration.

The bridal couple must remember that it will be their wedding and that the whole family has their own customs and traditions that they go through before they get married.

Many American wedding traditions are in place now, and this does not just mean that you have to take your guests back to your house to cook them a nice meal or sit with them and eat your wedding cake.

Ensuring that all the guests are honored is of great importance.

It displays that you have class, charm, and appreciation for them celebrating your marriage with you.

You need to take some time to establish what has become of your own traditions between the families of the bride and groom.  The best way to start is for the bride and groom to speak with their parents, and their grandparents.

It is also at this time that the bride and groom can introduce a new tradition to the family that their own children will uphold one day in the future.

Many American wedding traditions have evolved over the past few generations, while others hold firm to this day check out below for a brief history of wedding etiquette in America and what modern-day traditions still hold true today.


Bridal Garter

Showing your little tush off to the best wedding photographer is not the most offensive or most bizarre tradition the world has dreamt up over the last few decades.

American Wedding Traditions


American wedding etiquette has been greatly evolved over the past several generations and this is one of the most important reasons why it is so much fun to get married.

In times gone by, the bride usually did not present her bridal bouquet to the groom and that is where many of the old-fashioned traditions began.

In recent years brides are presented with their bouquets by the groom’s groomsmen. This is a tradition that dates back to when there were few groomsmen in place, and it is becoming more popular today.

American Wedding Traditions

Wedding Dowry

During the marriage ceremony, the bride is usually presented by the groom’s mother with a small token of honor as her wedding dowry.

This token is sometimes referred to as a “wedding dowry” and is given to the bride as a token of thanks for her services to her family and the bridegroom. This symbolizes the bridegroom’s responsibility to take care of the bride and the bridegroom’s responsibility to take care of the bridegroom.

The tradition of giving a wedding dowry goes all the way back to ancient Rome. This practice may have been around even before Christianity was well established.


Wedding etiquette has also evolved in a way that the bridegroom has been expected to give the bride her wedding veil before they begin their marriage.

This custom has been handed down from father to son for thousands of years. It is very traditional, yet today most people are unaware of this tradition.  For this reason, it is hardly practiced anymore.

American Wedding Traditions


Traditionally, a groom’s hands are usually tied behind his back when the groom brings a woman home after the wedding.

He usually does this in a public place such as the church, where a few of his friends are watching. He is usually given a piece of cake which he drops on the bride’s head as a sign of gratitude.

This tradition has transformed into a similar scenario where the groom eats cake with the bride while both attempt to get some of the cake on each other.

Traditionally, the groom’s hand is tied behind his back as well. The tradition of the bridegroom tying his bride’s gowns has come down through generations. This is one of the most amusing wedding traditions that have developed over the years.

American Wedding Traditions

More for Consideration

There are some brides that want to cut down the amount of time spent in church and do not want to sit through any speeches. They just want to walk down to the reception hall before the wedding to get married. This is another tradition that has come down from centuries. They go to their church and wait for the groom to say a few words. If the church pastor will allow this, the couple walks to a private location that has a stage set up for the service and the bridegroom walks up to the microphone and starts his speech.

Brides also do not have to walk down the aisle alone. They do not have to be tied to their gowns either. They can walk down the aisle with the husband and the bridegroom by their side and have their husbands walk with them to the church door. That is a tradition that came down as well from centuries ago. The bride is tied to her gown and her groom walks her down the aisle and the ceremony ends with both the bride and the groom walking down the aisle together.

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