8 Tips to Plan Your Wedding on a Budget

8 Tips to Plan Your Wedding on a Budget

1. Avoid an inflated guest list.

Although you might be tempted to include everyone you know on your visitor list, that isn’t always a wonderful perspective. With each extra person you include, you’re enlarging more costs reducing the intimacy of your wedding.

2. Instead of wedding gifts, ask for help from family and friends.

Asking family and friends to provide support or assistance in view of their talents is a great way to maintain your wedding budget.

3. Hold the ceremony your or someone else’s home, or even at a park.

Renting a venue can be very expensive. Rather, think about using your own home, or a friend or family member’s home for your ceremony.  Even a beautiful free park works well.

If you choose something outdoors it’s best to have a back-up plan in case of bad weather.

4. Do your own catering.

This extremely reduces the cost of food for the reception.

5. Use minimal flowers.

Flowers will not last very long after the reception.  Do you know a person with a rose bush? Consider even going with artificial flowers.  It is very possible that no one will notice.

6. You can probably design your own invitations.

With a simple google search you will find sites like VistaPrint offering very affordable wedding invitations.

7. Buy your dress without customization (and/or) on sale.

If you want to save on yours or the bridesmaid dresses, try finding something right off the rack.  You can even suggest that every bridesmaid wear a designated color dress that they already own.  This will save a great deal.

8. Rent tuxedos or wear matching blazers.

Most people do not have tuxedos.  Renting them is the best option.  Or consider if you need them at all.  You can even suggest that every groomsman wear a designated color or a blazer that they already own. This will save a great deal.

Remember that your wedding is for you and only you so make sure it is one that is truly wonderful for you and everyone else.

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